Integrity Defined:

“the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.”

Integrity in Action:

You can expect DCPRO to show up on time, do what you want us to do, do what we say we are going to do, and follow up with you when we say we will. A top-quality paint job should be a given when you invest your hard-earned money back into your home.

We believe in the following qualities in delivering a professional service:

  • Communication: We promise to maintain thorough communication throughout your painting process. This includes everything from scheduling your estimate, to choosing your colours and setting up your start date, to keeping you updated prior to and throughout the job.
  • Quality: We promise to keep your quality our focus. A detailed written agreement will outline the quality of products and prep work that will be included on the painting of your home. We promise to honour those agreements, to fulfil on all of the prep work, and to use the quality materials that you choose. We stand by our work!
  • Cleanliness: We promise to keep the job-site clean. This includes using drop-sheets around the home, masking off the home properly, and cleaning up at the end of the day. Any drips or messes will be cleaned up before completion of the job.
  • Satisfaction: We promise to leave you satisfied at the end of the job. A final walk around will be done prior to collecting a final payment to ensure your satisfaction with the work done on your home.
  • ·         Project Management: To exceed your expectations, we have a staff with the same goals. Each employee learns the INTEGRITY way of painting. There are no shortcuts. Painters will be at your site, painting every day until the job is completed. Our staff is proud of their work and strive to impress on every project.


The process

 A local firm of skilled painters and drywall repair professionals who specialize in a wide range of exterior and interior residential home projects


  • Get a free estimate: To book a spot in our schedule, we require a 35% deposit for painting and/or 50% deposit for epoxy coatings and authorization to do the work on your home
  •  Within 2 weeks of reserving a spot, you will get a phone call from our production manager to start talking about the colours and potential start date. On this call, we will also address any other concerns or details that need to be managed prior to starting work on your home
  • 2-4 weeks before the start date, test patches will be done to ensure you like your colour selection. At this point, (if applicable) we will also provide anything you need for approval from your H.O.A. (Home Owners Association).
  • The week leading up to the job you can expect phone calls to keep you updated on the estimated start date and any changes due to weather or unforeseen delays in our work schedule.
  • During the job, we will let you know what time you can expect us to start work each day. We will talk with you daily about the progress of the job and any concerns so we can address those right away.
  • At the end of the job, we’ll take you around the house to do any last touch-ups before we ask for the final payment. We would also appreciate it if you would fill out a short survey letting us know how the process was for you. Your feedback is very valuable to us. We would also appreciate any referrals or a reference letter to express your satisfaction with the work we do and with our company.


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